So what’s the difference between a chauffeured service company and a city taxi cab service ?

  • In Italy ‘Limo services’ are known as NCC (Noleggio con conducente: car rental with driver) and usually operate with luxury black vehicles (sedans, minivans, minibuses), elegant multilingual drivers with high quality standards. Private companies operating with pre-quoted prices, you ask for a quotation in advance – we provide our price, and  you can evaluate our offer. These services can (have to) be booked in advance.
  • City taxi service cabs are one-man businesses operating with city licenses (aka ‘medallion’) operating with white cars with ‘TAXI’ sign on the rooftop. Generally drivers only speak Italian language and have a more casual apparel and vehicles are generally less luxurious than Limo services. The large majority of city taxis are small cars or sedans, useful for 1 or 2 passengers. City taxis operate with a metering counter which determinates the price to be paid for their service. These services CANNOT be booked in advance.